Earlier this summer, Springhouse produced a spot highlighting TE Connectivity’s internship program, as part of the company’s effort to increase brand reach to top university talent.


The 60-second spot features on-camera interviews with nine of the company’s interns, as well as some behind-the-scenes b-roll shot with a second camera. The spot was filmed in one day at TE offices in Middletown, PA.

The objective of the video is to enhance brand perception of TE’s internship program, which targets 18-25 year olds looking to pursue opportunities at a global company that is passionate about helping them find their perfect career match.

During the post-production process, Springhouse cut together an alternate 60-second spot using completely different soundbites from the initial 60-second video. TE took advantage of this additional video to use as a follow-up to the initial spot across their social media platforms and recruitment campaigns.