Springhouse Films has begun production on multi-language videos in order to showcase TE Connectivity‘s vast company product catalog across its global market in connectivity and sensor solutions. The ongoing video series that Springhouse launched two years ago are now filmed in Mandarin, Japanese, and German, in addition to English.

The videos feature a different spokesperson for each language, delivering in depth information on each product including features, benefits and special innovations present in the products’ development. With the use of a professional spokesperson, the viewer is given a personal connection to the highly technical content.

Motion graphics are combined with product photography to illustrate each product’s strengths. Springhouse Films provides all script writing for the series and has also provided script translation into Mandarin, Japanese and German.


With use of a green screen, the multi-language video series are filmed at Dennis Degnan’s studio in West Chester.

Director/DP: Erik Freeland
Producer: Emily Ellis
AC: James Culcasi
Chief Lighting Technician: Pedro Cunillera
Grip: Marcus Clarke
Hair & Makeup: Lee Cado
Wardrobe Stylist: Eve Freeland
On-Camera Talent: Simone Xi, Jeff Mark