Michael Todd Beauty, maker of organic skin care products turned to us to create a campaign for the launch of their new Soniclear facial cleansing brush. Working directly with the client, we provided creative direction for the campaign. The project included the creation of a visual style for the product line as well as all necessary still photography and video.

Fashion Beauty Commercial Video Production

We began with the casting of the model that would represent the brand. A two-day shoot with celebrity spokesperson Gretta Monahan and five models generated all the still photography and video for the campaign. Stills were captured using a Hasselblad 4×5 camera. We then moved into post-production with editorial for four videos happening in tandem with still image post-production and retouching. The final results included two web commercials (US and Europe), and three additional videos outlining various features & benefits of the Soniclear as well as all of the still photography needed for web and print.